Take everything you know about electric motorcycles – then forget it. Saietta defies convention, delivering superlative performance, daring presence and unrivalled options for personalisation in a range of zero emissions motorbikes that are light years ahead.


NGS (Next Generation Saietta) is a new breed of motorbike spearheading a new electric era for bikers, delivering superbike performance, a highly distinctive iconic design and unmatched personalisation.

NGS boasts a number of technology firsts including a revolutionary new electric motor, an innovative lightweight, immensely strong structural monocoque, industry-leading battery capacity and range, 3D printing of the body and even a new, highly distinctive roar!

NGS will undergo rigorous engineering testing throughout 2016 including taking part in an extensive race programme. First customer bikes will be delivered before the end of 2017 as part of a limited edition of up to 100 bikes priced around £50,000 (excluding local taxes).

The essence of biking is all about leadership, standing out from the crowd and taking your own path … that’s precisely what NGS delivers.

More information will be released over the coming months and interested parties can receive updates by signing up to Saietta’s NEWSLETTER.



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